'seemile Korean' book has been published.

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seemile Korean Book

seemile Korean

This book summarizes the most effective Korean language learning that the seemile team learned while teaching Korean for 10 years. The book will come with free video lectures.

seemile TOPIK

All contents for TOPIK test preparation are summarized. This book will also come with free video lectures. Audio files necessary for exam study are also provided.

Speaking Korean with K-Drama, My Secret Romance

This book contains K-Drama Audio file. You are able to learn the raw sentences and words used in everyday use of Korean.

じれったいロマンス : K-dramaで学ぶ韓国語会話

ドラマで学ぶ韓国語会話は簡単 ドラマで学ぶ韓国語会話は楽しい 現在、韓国で日常的に使用される生の韓国語の文章や単語を身につけることができる。

the little prince

The Little Prince

We collected only the words of the Little Prince, drew pictures and recorded them in Korean. It will be helpful in studying Korean.

Friends in seoul

Friends in Seoul

Five friends gathered in Seoul. And the story began.
The story will continue to be serialized.