seemile Korean


√ Easy to learn Hangeul (Korean Alphabet)
√ Basic and useful 646 sentences
√ 151 key grammars
√ More than 800 words through images
√ Free 40 seemile Korean language classes on YouTube
√ Free Application on Appstore and google play
√ Included MP3 Audio files
√ Worldwide shipping available.

This book is made so that you can study with the seemile Korean app below. 

seemile Korean app book

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A book that even beginners can learn Korean on their own!

This book contains incredibly good video lessons, and if you read the book along with the lessons, you can learn Korean more easily.

In addition, an application is provided, which allows you to repeatedly practice listening and speaking Korean. This will be a useful tool to help readers speak Korean faster than expected.

PDF Book Download (1~36 Pages Only)

Emma’s seemile Korean Language class
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√ Easy to learn Hangeul (Korean Alphabet)

ᆞ Learn to read and write Hangeul in a day

ᆞ Contains detailed introductions to consonants, vowels, and final consonants

ᆞ Explains the building blocks of Korean, enabling students to start easily and quickly reading and writing in the target language

ᆞ Introduces rules related to pronouncing Korean


√ 646 Simple but useful sentences

ᆞ Learn practical sentences, from greetings all the way to emotional expressions, useful for everyday life

ᆞ Images used to learn sentences, acting as a memory aid


√ 151 key grammars

ᆞ A summary of core Korean grammar points included

ᆞ Grammar points accompanied by example sentences, making Korean much easier to learn


√ More than 800 words taught through the use of images

ᆞ Associating words with images make new vocabulary easy to remember.

ᆞ Vocabulary list includes words used in everyday life.


√ Free 40 seemile Korean language classes

ᆞ Total of 40 classes available on [Emma’s Seemile Korean language class]

ᆞ Professional but easy lessons from teacher with Korean teaching licenses

ᆞ Program available for free on YouTube.


√ Free App in the App Store and on Google Play

ᆞ Free [Seemile] app contains the entire contents of the book.

ᆞ Animations assist in the process of learning sentences quickly.

ᆞ Learn to quickly identify changing components of grammar and to conjugate sentences

ᆞ Contains listening, writing, reading, and number learning functions


√ MP3 Audio files included

ᆞ Audio files of sentences and words provided.

ᆞ MP3 files available for download from

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