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SEEMILE Software is for language learning. and you can learn language with animation.

1. SEEMILE Korean APP. 
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Youtube seemile Korean channel 1 (For English, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese)

Youtube seemile Korean channel 2 (For Thai)

2.  SEEMILE Chinese APP. 
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Youtube Chinese channel

3. SEEMILE English APP. 
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SEEMILE Software

[ SEEMILE Korean Mobile App ]

Korean language learning application that you can learn it alone interestingly. See, hear, and speak accordingly. This is all you need to learn Korean. –> Buy license (use app and PC software together )

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[ SEEMILE Chinese Mobile App ]

Learn the difficult Chinese easily and enjoyably through animations!
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[ SEEMILE English Mobile App ]

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  • Key Features
    – You can learn Korean consonants and vowels via the drag and drop method.
    – You can learn to read Korean numbers easily just by touching.
    – You can practice writing Korean with your finger.
    You can listen to all 650 sentences in a row.
    – A image association test is provided in order to help you remember what you’ve learned.
    – Can be used without an internet connection.
    – High quality native pronunciation is provided by Korean voice actors.
    – Provide Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese translations.
    – We provide sounds that help you read out the sentences and words.
    – We recommend apps that help learn Korean easily and quickly.
  • Normal information
    1. 650 sentences, 1200 words, Korean alphabet, all related to daily life and can be learned easily by anyone.
    650 sentences, 1200 words, not mundane and dull, but basic and incredibly fun.
    2. Unique and exciting videos.
    Every video portrays the sentence with flair and accuracy. The user will be able to understand what kind of sentence is being taught just by watching it and this naturally remains in the users head.
    3. A fun learning experience with a story and characters.
    There are 5 characters within the 650 sentences that share stories of everyday life. These characters create relationships of friendship and love between each other. These characters will foster your desire to keep on learning Korean language.
    4. Easy to learn, associative remembering techniques that allows you to remember for a long time.
    It was designed by using an incredibly effective memory association technique for easy memorization. The sentence is expressed via videos and the words via images, therefore, the user can easily learn these sentences and words that remain in their head for a long time.
    5. Grammar that does not have to be seperately studied.
    There are 151 forms of grammar in the 650 sentences. By studying the sentences you will be able to learn the grammar as well.
    6. Professionalism and know-hows that only SEEMILE has.
    SEEMILE.COM has produced Korean language lecture videos and has been providing its services to the world. Over the past 8 years, more than 1,000 videos have been made which garnered a staggering 100 million views. SEEMILE, the creators of the world’s most beloved Korean learning contents, have stored all its professional expertise and know-hows into [SEEMILE Mastering]


  • WOW looks a lot nicer than Rosetta Stone. Animation is better than photographs of Rosetta Stone. _Gibson Wells
  • Learning Chinese is so easy. because I only have to speak Chinese.
  • This app is wonderful for pronunciation practice for people like me who are teaching themselves Korean! The interface is easier to use than a CD and a book because the controls are right on the screen. You can easily repeat a section, or move quickly ahead as you wish. Each section starts with the full sentence, breaks it down into the vocabulary, then adds in the inflection, and finally, goes back to the full sentence. It’s wonderful for fine-tuning pronunciation and making the leap from reading and writing to speaking and listening! Best $15 investment I ever made!! 감사합니다!
  • That’s SOOOOOOOO amazing 😍😍😍😍😍. I’v been dreaming about this app for along time😇😇😇. I was watching your channel when i saw the interview about this application. I felt like my dreams come true 👼👼👼👼. I want visit korea one day. I wish everyone knows about this application. They would be happy as i am. If its possible I would like to see another application for learning another language. It would really helpful. And thank you all for your hard work. FIGHTING!!!! 💪😎💪😎 – amal mohammd
  • So, I purchased the lifetime license so I could access all the content.. I have to say that this is actually a really good app and it is definitely worth the money! I am a polyglot and I’m learning lots of languages. Korean has so far been really difficult for me to the point that I wanted to give up on it. This app slowly builds up the language for you without complicated explanations. Now I actually feel I can learn this language! Points for improvement: add one extra exercise for each unit where you have to type the whole sentence by yourself. Also, in the quizzes, when you press an answer, have it play the audio again so that we have more exposure. Maybe add a 1000 most common words flashcard list to it with spaced repetition. Have a look at Ankidroid or Semper for inspiration 🙂 thanks for this app! – Ramon den Hartog
  • This app is very useful to me for my fast learning.-Rhodora Palasol
  • I’ve downloaded SO MANY language apps to get to my level of korean and i wish i just had this and a book half a year ago when i had started. It doesnt replace popular korean learning books but this app does perfectly accompany any book you happen to choose.  Payed or free. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this app esspecially at the monthly fee of a coffee for the full unlock. – t1oxETy
  • Yes! This is it. I can easily learn Korean language anytime,anywhere and enjoying to do this.. This app also can help EPS passers and EPS examiners. – Girlie Cortez
  • Thanks for releasing the app on my birthday! I have started learning Korean a week prior so it is very timely! I love your youtube lessons and I am sure I will love this too! 고마워! – Alex Shin
  • Seemile’s software is perfect to integrate the reading videos on youtube as well as my audio software. The combination of pictures, sound, and reading, it really puts it all together. I am visiting Korea now, and their organization of theme is really helping. Before I take the train or go to the market or a restaurant, I can review the chapter in their menu and immediately go try out my Korean. Mostly however, I find the reading comprehension to be very effective. Being able to read Korean takes you a long ways here and it also helps you get out of the tourist places that cater to English speakers for a more authentic experience. Simply being able to pronounce things even without having a robust vocabulary is major. I highly recommend Seemile to anyone who wants to learn Korean and needs the seeing/speaking/reading all in one place. – MEEOK
  • you only need this one app to learn korean!! great app!! – Gerri Fabian
  • Omg.. Finally it has an app I’ve been watching korean tutorials on ur channel so this is very good – misshy rodz
  • Thấy review ứng dụng tốt nên ủng hộ – nguyen minh thanh
  • عاشقهExo Bts – It’s very nice and so good جدا رائع وجمييل هذا البرنامج التعليمي شكرا جزيلا لكم
  • I’m really excited for this . Love the detailed explanation . _Hellen O
  • I just watched, listen, and spoke with it and I already learned Korean language. It’s a really cool software. _Kaitlin R. Davis
  • I mastered reading curriculum in just an hour. Just dragging and dropping consonants and vowels to play sound, and it was like playing a game with tons of fun mastering to read Korean. _Mary Samir
  • Loving the pictures in the animation. It’s really fun to learn Korean, as if I’m reading romance comics or watching animated film. _Michelle Rickey
  • I’m learning Korean with a friend through SEEMILE YouTube channel, and you’ve made this amazing program. I’m organizing what I’ve learned with ‘SEEMILE’ _Emad Desai
  • 외국인은 아니지만 5살짜리 아들이 재미 있어 합니다. 이것 저것 끌어다 놓고…”합체~, 가!” 또 “합체~, 나!” 합니다 ‘차’까지 합체할(읽을) 수 있어요~ㅎ – dolby Ch
  • 저는 한국인이라 잘모르겠는데, 친구 와이프(베트남인)가 보더니 좋다고합니다. 한국어학원보다 좋다네요~ – 어느 한국 사람


SEEMILE was established in 2010 to provide opportunities to learn Korean easily for anyone who wants to learn. So far, more than 1,000 videos were published. Accumulated views as of Nov. 2016 have surpassed 100 million, serviced at We are confident that we provide the most educational and beloved videos globally for learning Korean.
Korean videos we published have been watched globally where internet access is available. In countless areas, our videos were loved and cherished. With this support, we have decided to take on yet another challenge in learning Korean. As a first step, we are now launching [‘Talk Korean’]. [‘Talk Korean’] will open a new horizon, and make ways for learning Korean easily and with more fun. Connecting motion pictures with sentences, associative learning has made Korean studying an easy task. Story telling by 5 distinctive characters make learning Korean more fun.
Also we are going to develop various contents to aid in learning Korean. Contents we will make will be more fun and easier than anything. You will experience learning Korean as easy and fun with 5 friends you met in [‘Talk Korean’]. Furthermore, We will develop practical contents for any learner. For conversational Korean, we will make conversational contents, for test-takers, we will make contents to help achieve high scores, and for learning vocabulary, we will make contents to widen vocabulary. We will be continuously developing variety of contents for different purposes, and release them with suitable platform such as online lecture, webtoon, books, etc.
We love and support the passion of everyone in the world to learn Korean. We will try to find ways to make learning Korean more easily and widely used. Last but not least, we thank everyone sincerely, the same as we are, who loves Korean and has supported our contents.