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Learn Korean easily with animation!  It's "SEEMILE Mastering" 

'SEEMILE' is the World Best No.1 of Korean language study channels.
It has been played 100,000,000+ times in Youtube.com     
The experiences and abilities are in "SEEMILE Mastering".

Like a baby

Just See, Listen and Speak. That’s all for learning Korean.

In 3Min.

You’ll keep in your mind 1 sentence forever after repeating 7 times in 3 minutes.

Drag & Drop

Is it difficult in learning Korean alphabet and numbers? Just drag & drop! That’s all.

Your language

You can study SEEMILE Mastering with your language such as English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

With animation

Learn 36 situations, 650 sentences, and 1,500 vocabularies in animation.

'SEEMILE Mastering' introduction video


ADDA Brain chain learning method applied

Through the ADDA learning method developed by SEEMILE, it is easy to memorize only by learning the Korean sentence once.

step 1


Learn sentences at once with animations, sounds, and text.

step 2


Learn the basic forms of the words that make up the sentence.

step 3


Learn the deformed appearance of words.

step 4


Re-learn the complete sentence again combined with the deformed words.


SEEMILE is a Korean company that has taught the world the most Korean language for 7 years.

2010: Korean lecture making and service for English speaking people.

2011: Korean lecture making and service for Chinese.

2012: Korean lecture making and service for Japanese.

2013: Korean lecture making and service for Vietnamese.

2014: Korean lecture making and service for Brazilians.

2015: Korean lecture making and service for Thais.

2016: Korean lecture video's one hundred million views achievement

2017: SEEMILE Software development completed.

Reasonable price

comparatively less expensive to other language software

Lifetime membership

Just purchase once and use for a lifetime


continuous upgrade, available for free with purchase