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Seemile is specialized Korean education service providing you with K-pop music, Korean drama, Korean food and tourist spots of Korea as well as Korean language course. With Seemile, you can master basic level of Korean lanaguage. Seemile services these lectures and contents as below.


1. Korean language course.

Seemile.com provides every Korean learner with lectures of Korean alphabet, reading, basic grammar and day life expression by all levels of courses. And all lectures are offered in English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and etc. so that every learner can enjoy Korean lectures with his or her own language. Besides,


2. Korean movie, drama, and K-pop music

To learn Korean, Korean movie, drama, and K-pop music are best material. By memorizing the lines of famouse Korean movie and drama or lyrics of K-pop music,

you can be easily acquired Korean language and culture.


3. Korean-related Information

Seemile.com is offering information of tourist spots of Korea and Korean food.Seemile.com is operated by premium membership system in order to offer you with reasonable price.IF you join Seemile.com as premium membership, you can be provided with all contents of Seemile.com through website and smartphone application



Business contact : info@seemile.com