(Learn Korean Language – Conversation I) 4. Do you have~, give me ~

Fun Fun Korean Conversation I

Lesson 4- At the Supermarket

1. Do you have SOMETHING?
1) Do you have~: ~있어요? (Itsseoyo)
Ex) Do you have tissue? :화장지 있어요? (Hwasangji, itsseoyo)
Do you have water? : 물 있어요?

2. Please give me SOMETHING
1) Please give me~: ~ 주세요(Jooseyo)
Ex) Please give me tissue: 화장지 주세요.

3. How much is this?
1) How much is this? : 이거 얼마예요? (E-geo, eolmayeyo)

4. How much is that?
2) How much is that? : 저거 얼마예요? (Jeogeo, eolmayeyo)

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