(Learn Korean Language – Conversation I) 3. Location, Direction, 어디 있어요?, 방향, 앞에, 옆에

Fun Fun Korean Conversation I

3. Location, Direction, 어디 있어요?, 방향, 앞에, 옆에

1. Where is the PLACE?
1) Where’s the ~: 어디있어요? (eodi-itsseoyo)
Ex) where’s the restroom? : 화장실 어디 있어요? (Hwajangsil, eodi, itsseoyo)
where’s the restaurant?: 식당 어디 있어요? (Sik-dang, eodi, itsseoyo)

2. It is over there
1) It is over there: 저기예요. (Jeogi-yeyo)
2) It is right here: 여기예요. (Yeogi-yeyo)

3. Right and Left
1) It is on the right: 오른쪽에 있어요. (O-leun-jjok-e-itsseoyo)
2) It is on the left: 왼쪽에 있어요. (Oen-jjok-e-itsseoyo)

4. Next to and In front of
1) It’s next to the exit: The exit 옆에 있어요.(the exit, yeppe, e-sseoyo)
2) It’s in front of the exit: The exit 앞에 있어요.(the exit, appe, e-sseoyo)


Today’s Words

– 화장실 (Hwajangsil): Restroom                                   – 식당 (Sik-dang): Restaurant

– 오른쪽 (O-leun-jjok): Right                                          – 왼쪽 (Oen-jjok): Left



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