The new version of Jenny’s Korean language class is organized in an easier and simpler way than the previous version. “Lecture notes and worksheets are also available on a unit basis.” It is easy to learn Korean Alphabet Hangeul, Korean vocabulary, and Korean grammar through repeated patterns. Even if you don’t take much time to study Korean, you will be able to learn Korean naturally just by watching videos. It is a class that can be easily accessed by learners with any purpose, such as hobby, studying abroad, or employment. 4 Chapters /44 Videos /44 Work Sheets (pdf) / 44 Lecture Notes (pdf)

New Jenny Class Curriculum.

Chapter 1 Jenny’s Korean language Alphabet Hangul

In the first chapter, Jenny’s Hangul, we are going to learn a fundamental aspect of the Korean language. It’s the Korean alphabet, which is called Hangul. We will go over the historical background and structure of Hangul as well as Korean consonants and vowels.

  1. The Historical Background of Hangul
    2. The structure of syllable
    3. Formation of Vowel, Chun-ji-in principle
    4. Combined vowels & Korean consonants ‘ㅇ’
    5. Vowels Writing practice
    6. Vowels Pronunciation practice
    7. Principle of forming Hangul consonants, 5+14
    8. Korean consonants ㅇ,ㅎ + Korean vowels
    9. Korean consonants ㄴ,ㄹ,ㅁ + Korean vowels
    10. Korean consonants ㄱ,ㅋ,ㄲ+ Korean vowels
    11. Hangul consonants ㅂ,ㅃ,ㅍ + Hangul vowels
    12. Korean consonants ㄷ,ㄸ,ㅌ + Korean vowels
    13. Korean consonants ㅈ,ㅊ,ㅉ + Korean vowels
    14. Korean consonants ㅅ,ㅆ + Korean vowels

    Chapter 2 Jenny’s Korean Vocabulary

    The second chapter is Jenny’s Korean Vocabulary.
    In the first unit of this chapter, I will show you how to write ‘smartphone’ in Korean and other words from English.
    In unit 2, we will learn vocabulary related to Korean culture, such as the Korean national flag, flowers and Korean traditional sports.
    From units 3 to 10, we will learn more practical vocabulary about places, food, jobs, things, family names, numbers, time, dates, days of the week etc.
    Hopefully you will get used to Korean culture as well as Korean vocabulary from this chapter.


    1. Korean Words from English
    2. Korean Words related to Korean culture
    3. Korean Words related to places
    4. Korean Words related to food
    5. Korean Words related to Jobs
    6. Korean Words related to Things
    7. Korean Words related to Family
    8. Korean Words related to Numbers
    9. Korean Words related to Date and Day of the Week
    10. Korean Words related Time

    Chapter 3 Jenny’s Korean Grammar (10 units)

    The third chapter is Jenny’s Korean Grammar. We will start with a very basic beginner level of Korean grammar that is essential part of making Korean sentences. We’ll be focusing on tense of Korean adjectives, verbs and several ways of making negative expressions.

    1. 이다(to be)
    2.  있다(to exist, to have)
    3. Tense (1) Present Tense A/V-(스)ㅂ니다.
    4. Tense (2) Present Tense A/V-아/어요.
    5. Tense (3) Past Tense A/V-았/었어요.
    6. Tense (4) Future Tense V-(으)ㄹ 거예요.
    7. Tense (5) Progressive Tense V-고 있다.
    8. Negative Expressions (1) Word Negation
    9. Negative Expressions (2) 안 A/V-아/어요(A/V-지 않아요)

    10. Negative Expressions (3) 못 V-아/어요(V-지 못해요)

    Chapter 4 Jenny’s Korean Writing (10 units)

    The last chapter is Jenny’s Korean Writing.
    In this final chapter, we will try to write short essays like self-introduction, and letters in Korean based on what we have learned so far.
    Can you imagine that you can write an essay in Korean? If you think that it’s not possible now, that’s ok. If you follow my guideline with confidence, you can easily achieve your goal!

  1. Self-Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Daily activities
  4. Daily schedule
  5. Weekend Activities
  6. Shopping
  7. Future plans
  8. Season & Weather
  9. Hobby
  10. Writing a letter

There’s a Korean old saying goes, 시작이 반이다 which means “Well begun is half done.”

Even if you do not know Korean at all, please do not worry. I will help you to do it! If you complete all chapters of Jenny’s Korean, you will be at a level that you might have only dreamed of beforehand.

Are you ready? Great!

All right, let’s get started.