Off-line Informal Korean


30USD/per hour/ up to 3 hours a day



The way to improve your Korean effectively?


No other ways but face to face conversation!!!

Don’t hesitate to talk to me.

I am a very patient person 🙂

We can talk to each other in various situations.

And then, you can hear unrefined expressions and lots of idioms!! 



Korean Basics

I will teach you useful basic Korean words and phrases. We will role play and practice having conversations with each word and phrase . You can also learn how to read Korean.

Everyday Korean

Knowing the indivisual definitions of words may not always help you to understand a native speaker.

In this lesson, you can learn not only common patterns but also idioms.

Korean Writing

I will help you improve your writing skills, and we will use your writing to increase your confidence when meeting new people.


Please contact me before you order! 

Look forward to meeting you soon!!