Jenny’s 5 days Hangul mastering & Survival Korean program (offline class)


USD 400 / 5 Days


  1. About Lecture : This lecture (Jenny’s 5 days Hangul mastering program) teaches how to read and write Hangul which is very basic part of learning Korean. In these lessons, name and phonetic value of each unit is introduced. And also, the principle of how vowels and consonants are combined is explained. Hanguel is one of the most scientific and creative writing system in the world. So, This lecture is focused on principle of Hanguel structure. This lecture will be most appropriate helper for those who are learning Korean for the first time. In addition Jenny will be offering survival Korean at the end of each class, that will be useful for those who are visiting Korea.
  2. Lecture Price : USD 400
  3. Target Learner : Very beginner of Korean who wants to learn Korean alphabet(Hangul) & Korean survival expression. This program will be offered in English.
  4. Class Time : 5 days program.
    • December 17 – December 21
    • 9:30am-11:30am
  5. Class location : 377-1, Yangjae2-dong, Seoul, Korea 서울시 양재2동 377-1
  6. Contents :