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BTS! I am proud of you guys.

SJ Kang
2021-09-24 08:30

BTS! I am proud of you guys.

I saw you speaking at the UN a few days ago.

You have sent hope to all of us who are struggling because of the corona virus. Today too, I am encouraged by the messages you sent and I am moving forward.

I will remember your words.

“우리 미래세대는 ‘로스트 제너레이션(잃어버린 세대)’이 아니라 ‘웰컴 제너레이션’이라는 이름이 더 어울린다. 변화에 겁먹기보다는 ‘웰컴’이라고 말하면서 앞으로 걸어 나가는 세대라는 의미”

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BTS! I am proud of you guys.
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