‘Even though’ in Korean? ‘Please don’t~’ in Korean? With BTS’s ‘Euphoria’ lyrics

In this video, we are gonna learn some expressions used in BTS’s Jungkook’s song”Euphoria”.

모르겠어 이 감정이 뭔지

I don’t know what this feeling is

혹시 여기도 꿈 속인건지

whether this is all a dream

In this part, you could learn 2 expressions.

Do you know how to say ‘I don’t know’ in Korean? When you want to say ‘you don’t know’

You could say ‘몰라 or 모르겠어’in Korean.

For example,

여기가 어딘지 모르겠어. I don’t know where I am

그거 어디서 샀는지 모르겠어, 기억 안 나. I don’t know where I got it, I don’t remember.

거기 어떻게 가는지 모르겠어요. I don’t know how to get there.

And please take a note of this, 혹시[Hoksi]

혹시 is also common expression in daily life.

It means ‘by any chance’


혹시, 거기 어떻게 가는지 아세요?  Do you happen to know how to get there?


혹시, 핸드폰 좀 빌려줄 수 있어요?  Could I by any chance borrow your cellphone?

혹시, 이번 주 일요일에 시간 돼요? Do you happen to have time this Sunday?

Let’s move on to the next lyrics

그 누가 이 세곌 흔들어도

Even if no matter who shakes this world

잡은 손 절대 놓지 말아줘

Please don’t let go of the hand you’re holding

그 누가 이 세곌 흔들어도, 잡은 손 절대 놓지 말아줘. Actually, we don’t use the expression “shake this world” in everyday conversation.. But there are still some expressions here that you can use in daily life.. First, I am gonna ask you a question. What is ‘even though’ in Korean? Anybody know? In this sentence, you can see’도’. Sometimes it means ‘too, also’, sometimes it means ‘even though’. But in this case, it is the second meaning ‘even though’  So when you want to make sentences like 아무리 바빠도 전화 좀 줘

Even though you are too busy, please call me sometime soon.

힘들어도 조금만 참아.

Even though you are suffering, please endure

And when you want to ask sth in Korean, what do you say? In Korean, Please add ~ 주세요. ~줘요, after a verb .

닫다 +주세요 =닫아 주세요

문 좀 닫아 주세요. Please close the door.

사다 +주세요 =사 주세요.

라면 좀 사 주세요.

Please buy Ramyun for me.

So, let’s move on to the lyrics 잡은 손 절대 놓지 말아줘

In this part, he’s asking not to let go of the hand you ‘re holding. When you want to ask or tell someone not to do sth, you can use 지 말아줘,or 지 마세요 after a verb.

Here are some examples

닫다+ 지 마세요.

문 닫지 마세요. Please don’t close the door

만지다+ 지 마세요.

만지지 마세요 Please don’t touch it.

먹다+ 지 마세요

건강하고 싶으면 밀가루 음식 먹지 마세요. If you want to get healthy, please don’t eat flour.

연락하다+ 지 말아줘.

이제 연락하지 말아줘. From now on, please don’t call me.

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