SEEMILE was established in 2010 to provide opportunities to learn Korean easily for anyone who wants to learn. So far, more than 1,000 videos were published. Accumulated views as of Nov. 2016 have surpassed 100 million, serviced at We are confident that we provide the most educational and beloved videos globally for learning Korean.

Korean videos we published have been watched globally where internet access is available. In countless areas, our videos were loved and cherished. With this support, we have decided to take on yet another challenge in learning Korean. As a first step, we are now launching [‘SEEMILE’]. [‘SEEMILE’] will open a new horizon, and make ways for learning Korean easily and with more fun. Connecting motion pictures with sentences, associative learning has made Korean studying an easy task. Story telling by 5 distinctive characters make learning Korean more fun.

Also we are going to develop various contents to help in learning Korean. Contents we will make will be more fun and easier than anything. You will experience learning Korean as easy and fun with 5 friends you met in [‘SEEMILE’]. Furthermore, We will develop practical contents for any learner. For conversational Korean, we will make conversational contents, for test-takers, we will make contents to help achieve high scores, and for learning vocabulary, we will make contents to widen vocabulary. We will be continuously developing variety of contents for different purposes, and release them with suitable platform such as online lecture, webtoon, books, etc.

“We love and support the passion of everyone in the world to learn Korean. We will try to find ways to make learning Korean more easily and widely used. Last but not least, we thank everyone sincerely, the same as we are, who loves Korean and has supported our contents.

Neulbomedia Inc.