Gibson Wells

WOW looks a lot nicer than Rosetta Stone. Animation is better than photographs of Rosetta Stone.

hellen O

I'm really excited for this . Love the detailed explanation .

Kaitlin R. Davis

I just watched, listen, and spoke with it and I already learned Korean. It's a really cool software.

Mary Samir

I mastered reading curriculum in just an hour. Just dragging and dropping consonants and vowels to play sound, and it was like playing a game with tons of fun mastering to read Korean.

Michelle Rickey

Loving the pictures in the animation. It's really fun to learn Korean, as if I'm reading romance comics or watching animated film

Emad Desai

I'm learning Korean with a friend through SEEMILE YouTube channel, and you've made this amazing program. I'm organizing what I've learned with 'SEEMILE'